The buildings were built from plastic kits.  I particularly wanted the ones with only a "front"  with little thickness because of my limited work display space.  Some were bought built and used, and one was scratch built from plans.  All are plastic.
Items in this category: kits, prefab, scratch-built
Bought used, added stuff
My neighbour was a guy named Curtis, who had a feed/seed mill
Eddie Lefebvre used to deliver Sears packages to us
A little bus shelter/stop
commisary of some sort, no name yet
Arrowhead decals were  provided with the kit
Weisler's use to be supplier of my mother's store
Watch my video Godzilla to see what this is about
Scratch-built kit using flat plastic and plastic tubes
Bulk hydrocarbon sales named for friend of mine
the center of the village, the station-restaurant
Old train control tower, for tourists to tour
Egg Lake is near Morinville,I bought coal there
Another part of the coal mine
My first girlfriend's father also did truck deliveries
water tower.  Bedford is town near Halifax
Welding shop, name of his company on side.
Old water tower for steam locomotives
train repair shop, hides a Digitrax turnout controller
same-o, rear view
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