Mustang Power Hood
The hood on my Mustang opens like a clam shell, as shown in photo below. I currently activate the two actuators with switches located under the grille, but created a circuit  that works with the remote control that opens my doors.
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Mustang Hood
                     Press Button 3 on remote control, system checks for lock                    (if locked, beep a horn, but no action).        If no lock, open the right side until half way, then open left side.        Since one hood overlaps the other, it’s important to get the logic right         or the hood could be destroyed.        Button 3 will latch the circuit so only a momentary push is required.        Press Button 4 and the hoods will close.
Left side goes down first, at halfway point (determined by potentiometer         feedback), the other side goes down. A short beep signifies that the operation is done.
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