Humanoid Biped Robot
This robot has 17 "degrees of freedom" (DOF), basically 17 joints that can move.  Consequently it consists of 17 servo motors.
I bought the kit of parts from one source, servos from another, Arduino control board and servo driver board from a third supplier, and I'm writing the software to make it walk.
This small (18" tall) robot is a precursor to the full size robot I want to build to mow my lawn.  This small one could (someday) fetch me a can of pop from the fridge.  I'm also going to teach it how to do Tai Chi, which I myself am trying to master.
No videos yet.  This page is under construction.
The head is one servo, there are 6 for the arms and 10 for the legs.
This is the kit of parts.  Servos were ordered separately so I could get what I wanted.  There were no assembly instructions, only photos.
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