Power and Grounding Audits and testing, with reports, for manufacturing
Investigations and reports on anomalies and issues
Consultant to Projects group re grounding
Telephone consulting to customers and non-customers re grounding
Site verification seminars.
I work closely with Dave Brown in Austin regarding grounding issues and serve as the middleman between Spartan and Austin.
Investigations and reports on anomalies and issues, eg:
Power shut-down test on DeltaV, for Bill E.
Ferrule application test for Suncor/Spartech
DeltaV carrier cable testing, assisting Emerson in determining manufacturing defects in cables.
Hart noise-testing
Corrosion/contamination testing using lab microscope
Device Net issues at Suncor Firebag  defective DN distribution blocks
Device Net issues at Ferus Strathmore  invisible wiring issues
Husky Ram River Hart-wiring issues.
Nexen Ethernet switch issue (Black December 2002)
Maintain CSSL as parts and equipment source for Projects and Spartech.
Supply and install Provox equipment when required by HEIC, for their many world projects.
Maintain DeltaV hot spares, cables, and demo equipment.
SI key maintenance and tracking
Maintain an FTP server so I can make patches available while at home on vacation.
Ad hoc cabinet inspections for Projects, usually for P&G
Ad hoc DeltaV installations for EPCs such as DPH, Colt, etc
Burn CDs for Project guys: new DV software, patches, hot fixes
Ad hoc FAT testing for project group
Manage 3rd party sales of used Provox equipment