They just don't get it. All the establishments (red titles) listed in this blog gave me poor service. I'm not a complainer, I'll eat the steak if it isn't done right, without complaint. I'll remove the hair in the food and eat it. The food! I won't complain when I get slow service at the burger bar or the customer service at a store. But there are times when you just want justice when people fail to deliver. To quote from the movie Network: "I've had enough and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

I used to be in customer service and answered the phone 24/7 for the products I do service on. I gave 120% to my customers and would hang on or remain in the loop until they were satisfied. The buck stopped at Bob's phone. Consequently I expect similar service, or at least an ATTEMPT from the people I spend money with, or write letters to.

Poor customer service is like getting bad food at a restaurant. You never go back.

For research done on this topic, read this article: News : iSpeak (Reprinted by permission)

RED is BAD-STOP don't shop

GREEN is Good - shop at these places

Grey is, as you might guess, a grey area. Good and/or bad

Symantec Corporation
I was a big Norton fan from DOS days for Pete's sake! I loved Norton Integrator and Norton Utilities and their disk doctor product where you could actually see the File allocation table code and stuff. Cool! I thought Peter Norton was a genius. Alas, I think he sold out to Symantec and things went downhill from there. I use PC Anywhere, a reasonably good product that I've had no problems with, but their Norton Antivirus is another matter. I was buying it every year as a bonus that came with my QuickTax software. Sometimes it worked. Most of the time it would crash or hang my XP computer and would bug the hell out of me when it scanned a Word file I created, for many minutes before saying it was Okay. I mean, I wrote the damn thing, but the AV would still take minutes to scan it. Stupid thing. Norton didn't find a virus that another program (McAffee) did. It was a big one too, and my AV was ALWAYS up-to-date because I had Auto-update on. AVG found it and killed it. I emailed Symantec about this and THEY didn't respond either. I didn't see the virus in their hit list and here I thought they were the Kings of the AV world! They have become too big and too complacent. I had about 9 months left on my AV subscription and I took Norton off and bought AVG antivirus. Not ONE problem with the latter. No hangups. No long scans for NOTHING. I love it. I hate Norton AV and will not recommend it to anyone. (And I'm a consultant for these kinds of things).

Good Guys

Canon Camera Symantec Visions Electronics
Guyon Racing Pizza Hut Media Monkey (Ventis)
Mopac Race Equipment Universal Ford Tim Hortons
ING Bank Canadian Tire Auto Nova Scotia Power
Royal Bank World of Wheels Telus Communications
A&W Restaurants Channel 13  (Access) Best Buy
Staples Bank of Montreal
Nucleus Information Services Future Shop
Memory Express ADT Security
7-11 Calgary Autotrax/Kovak Software
Newark Electronics Winks
Best Buy AMD
Tiger Direct Coffee Time
Kent Building Supplies GTA Water
Canadian Tire Optima Batteries
Walmart Microsoft
O'Reagan's Toyota Cascade Vans
Rogers Communications
Samsung  (cameras)
JVC Camera
  Sears Canada  
  Halifax Waste  
  Bloomex Flowers  

Bad Guys


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