Snowflake Controller Board

Purpose: To control the actions of 300, 7W incandescent bulbs
through Triac Driver Boards for outside Christmas Light Display.
"Snowflakes" are what they represent and are 7 feet in diameter.

Above is an overview of the light display. PIC MCU on left, 3x16 triacs in middle
and the 7 foot snowflakes with colors shown on the right. Not to scale...obviously.

This PCB was made with an older CAD system. I don't think I had a schematic.

The Snowflake Controller. Big chip is the PIC MCU 16F887. Top left corner
is 20 pin connector to triac boards. Bottom area are 4 triacs with opto-couplers
(the white things) to turn on and off each snowflake. (one extra for other uses).

The controller is at bottom center, with the 3x16 triac boards above it.
The 20 conductor ribbon cable that connects all together has been
removed for clarity.