Mustang Power Hood

The hood on my Mustang opens like a clam shell, as shown in photo below. I currently activate the two actuators with switches located under the grille, but created a circuit that works with the remote control that opens my doors.


Mustang Hood Sequence:
  • Press Button 3 on remote control, system checks for lock (if locked, beep a horn, but no action).
  • If no lock, open the right side until half way, then open left side.
  • Since one hood overlaps the other, it’s important to get the logic right or the hood could be destroyed.
  • Button 3 will latch the circuit so only a momentary push is required.
  • Press Button 4 and the hoods will close.

Left side goes down first, at halfway point (determined by potentiometer feedback), the other side goes down. A short beep signifies that the operation is done.