Famous Canadians

I've been getting tired and frustrated with other countries claiming one of our own as one of their own. The most controversial Canadian in this humongous list I have compiled would be Alexander Graham Bell. Yes, he was born in Scotland and is therefore technically Scottish. Yes, he got US citizenship (so he could work in the USA), so technically - very technically - he has some claim to America. However...the great Mr. Bell lived in Canada for 2/3 of his entire life and his descendants still live on the family estate in Nova Scotia. Oh, and where DID he HIMSELF say where the telephone was invented? Canada. Enough said. We're claiming Ronnie Hawkins too. He was born American, calls Canada his home.

Edison DID NOT invent the light bulb. Two Canadians did. Read on people.

Homer Simpson. Matt Groening, the creator, admitted that since he conceived Homer in Canada (after his dad), Homer must be a Canadian. Eat my shorts!

Superman The co-creator of Superman was a kid from Toronto. Joe Shuster was the artist who created the iconistic Superman. His friend, Jerry Siegel wrote the stories.

James Miller Williams drilled the first commercial oil well in North America in 1858 at a location aptly called Oil Springs, Ontario. US prospector Edwin Drake who is often credited with the first oil well (by the Americans of course), drilled his in 1859, in Titusville, Pennsylvania. So, the oil industry was born in Canada, not USA.

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