I HATE these things on any car, but it's especially bad when I see one on my favourite cars. Here are some reasons why they should be burned:

  • They look stupid. The manufacturers don't put them on at the factory do they?
  • They have wear points where they touch the paint. More surprises when you remove it.
  • They are usually ratty-looking, straps fall off, cuts appear, dirt gets embedded in material. They start off black but soon get discolored by mud and the sun. Then they really suck.
  • They are so old-fashioned. A gimmick who's time has passed. Like bell-bottom pants.
  • Do they protect the paint? Probably. But what good is protecting the paint if you never take the bra off? And if you do take the bra off, because of paint fading it will look like hell. So what are you protecting?

My car is 11 years old, has never had a bra (she's quite liberated that way...), has never been painted in front, and in summer my car is a daily driver. People still ask me what year it is, because they think it's new! Sure, there's the odd rock chip, but the car is all natural color, without a bra. So why drive a car around with a black nose? That's like wearing a nose-protector in winter.