He had the fastest car in town

Written after drag racing at Spokane RaceWay in Washington, Labour Day Weekend, 1997. Raider is the 1987 Mustang Convertible. I lost a wheel returning to the pits shortly after my 106 mph run.

        He had the fastest car in town
        Nay, the fastest car around 
        Some say his foot was made of lead         
        And sooner or later he’d be dead.
        In Spokane for the big show
        At 4 o’clock he had to go
        To the Raceway, to show the Yanks,
        Canucks and Stangs can surely rank.
        On with the dumps, off with the plates
        Time trials were closing, Raider was late.
        Skinnies up front and slicks in the back,
        Raider was ready, she was on the attack.
        With front brakes locked he did the burn
        Raider was next, it was her turn
        Creeping up slowly so he could stage 
        He kept his eyes glued to the tachometer gauge.

        Popping the clutch at around 4 grand
        He wanted to be fastest in the land
        He didn’t know it but at that time
        He broke a stud right on the line.

        In less than a second he had to shift
        Out of first gear, this was real swift.
        Moments later he shifted again
        He was beating the car in the other lane.

        One more shift, the end of the quarter
        Then braking hard to make the corner
        The car was weaving and making a sound 
        Like the tire was broken, or was out of round.

        Making it slowly across the lot 
        Raider was ailing, the wheel was shot 
        With a crash and a scraping the car was down 
        The wheel was rolling in front, on the ground.

        Racing was over, at least for the night
        With a 12.94 that sounded all right
        At one-oh-six with the wheel staying on 
        He wasn't complaining though he hadn't won

        At the awards that were held the next day 
        He was pleasantly surprised to hear them say 
        He had won Best Time at the strip 
        Despite only making that one fateful trip.

        Pit-crew Barbie was elated 
        For the guy whom she had dated 
        Lost his wheel not going fast 
        So he’ll be around, he’s going to last.

        He had the fastest car in town 
        Or maybe the fastest car around? 
        Raider is ready, for another turn 
        Watch Race City, they will return.