Sunday, November 26, 2023
I started building this 1/4 scale Rover model Aug 10, 2023 because  I wanted a big and challenging project to work on.

"HowToMechatronics" published a comprehensive project on their website so I took on the challenge of trying to duplicate their Rover.  They took accurate measurements of the real rover from NASA and scaled it down to 1/4 the size, making the finished size from front wheel to back wheel about 2 feet (60cm).  Finished weight, in my case, was about 25-30 pounds.

For those contemplating such a task, visit How-To-Mechatronics and read through the entire web page.  This is not a project for those without some mechanical skills or adept at 3D printing.  I printed 163 separate items, some more than once because of bad prints, or broken parts.  It took about 1 month of printing 16 hours a day on two printers. This would be a good team project.

This is the best model to make, not only for the documentation provided but also for the accuracy and attention to detail.  NASA would be proud!!  I was impressed with the bogie suspension and Ackerman steering.  This alone separates real robots from the wanna-be's!

A lady engineer from Germany, named Jeanette Mueller,  also made a very nice true-to-life model.  Check it out at GitHub, link below.

I won't duplicate anything that Mechatronics has posted, but I'll post my builds, hints,  and some of the "gotchas" that can frustrate a person very quickly.  


Mars Rover 1/4 Scale Model

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 Entire project instructions and Links

 Arduino Mega

 Datasheet, pinout, for the Mega


 Flysky R/C manual and specs

 Dronebot Workshop

 Using the Flysky R/C with iBus


 Used to split big models for printing

 Jeannette Mueller

German lady engineer's version of Rover

 Raider Racing

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