A robotic snake

-  "Ribs" and skin are 3d printed

-  Snake has 16 ribs, each with a servo motor

-  Servos are controlled by an Arduino Nano MPU module

-  Adafruit 16 channel servo controller

-  Proximity switch in head so it doesn't bump into things

The source files for this project can be found here:  Slitherbot
16 req'd

There were difficulties making this project:


After building a snake and watching it move back and forth but not forward I realized there were two many design errors to start and to many errors made in construction (my bad!). So.... I created SLITHERBOT2.  Go to the page to see the enhancements and new build instructions.

Slitherbot works but not as well as it could.  I am currently modifying the ribs and servo holder to make it easy to remove one servo in the middle of the snake.  Servos are difficult to install because the servo horn has to be on the servo hub and sliding it into the rib is very difficult.

Check out Slitherbot 2
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Build Photos
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I regret to inform you that Slitherbot has died. His son, Slitherbot 2 has taken over ruling the forest.  See below for link to new page.