Laying out the first strips
Sewing the circles in place to keep them from falling off.
Battery, Trinket MCU, switch and voltage regulator
Not easy taking photo of moving LEDs, like fireworks
another photo
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Sunshine's Technicolor DreamCoat
Sunday, April 04, 2021
I took some RGB addressable strip lights, wired them all in parallel (so they would all be in sync), and stuck them on my dog's coat for outside.  I used an Adafruit Trinket and FastLED codes to get the effect.  The battery is 1000mA/hr from a drone and supplies 7.4 volts to a 5 volt regulator.  I made the box on my 3D printer, but have since removed it and made the whole control system lighter.  I had to sew the circles on but the strips were self adhesive and stuck on okay.

The software is designed for 16 devices in a row, but some of the strips are more, some are less.  Also the small circles are only 12.   This was by design...I wanted to have that special effect.

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