TV Remote Robot
breadboarding motors and control board
Determining direction of left and right motors
old TV remote control
I kept the board so it would hold the keys in place
gutted the remote
o-ring and pulley with o-ring installed
Motors drive the two front wheels.  Back wheel is a coaster wheel
side view of the rolling caster.  Holder was 3d printed
All electronics done
H bridge control board for motors
finished!   covers on
My recent mission with robots and electronics was to make them out of "ordinary" items, such as this TV remote control.  I like the idea of telling someone to fetch the remote, and when they do, I make it scurry away, like a rat.

This job was somewhat challenging because of the "thinness" of the remote control.  Also since the width was fixed and I wanted to wheels to not stick out, I had to offset the wheels because of the gear motors inside.  Looks weird, but it works.