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Video of Armatron going through it's movements: Computer Controlled Armatron
Video of Armatron gripper only: Armatron  Gripper
                 (Sequencing done with Lynxmotion Visual Sequencer and SSC32U servo controller)              
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Armatron conversion
Wednesday, August 07, 2019
I had a Tandy Armatron mechanical arm for many years, stored away because "someday" I was going to convert it to computer control. Well that day arrived a few months ago. Here are some photos showing the work involved. Likely I will take this  apart (after months of work) and use the servos for something else because, though it works, the Armatron is not practical because of all the plastic components. There are forces and stresses involved that bend the plastic, thus making it inacurate  for "work". 

Hover over pic for description.

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