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Balancing Robot
Wednesday, August 07, 2019
I built this little robot so I could study and learn from it. It is a 2-wheel robot that balances much like humans do. When the robot tends to fall forward, detection circuits spin the wheels in the opposite direction. Have you seen the Segway personal transporter? Same idea.

Future Development:  Build another, scratch built, bigger, using similar components. Maybe a Segway someday...I want to use the balancing hardware and properties in a full-size humanoid robot.

Update 2Feb16: I tried to scale this up using the same small stepper motors but there is not enough torque to do the job. I think my next version will be a stepper with gearbox if I want to maintain the same control strategy, OR a standard DC motor with gearbox with slightly different control system.

Video:  Balancing Robot