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Friday, August 09, 2019
BRAT is the name given to a semi-humanoid walking robot by Lynxmotion. The acronym represents the words Bipedal Robotic Articulating Transport. I don't like it (too pompous) but the acronym is simple and easy to refer too, so I kept it.   

I didn't get a BRAT kit from Lynxmotion. I had some servo brackets and servos left over from other projects and decided to make one of these. I got a few parts from my Humanoid-Biped (17 DOF) which I find too hard to program at this stage. Making a 6 DOF walking-only robot is a better starter.              
Friday, August 09, 2019
I'm currently trying to make it walk using Lynxmotion Visual Sequencer commands. Once I get that done, then I can replace the SSC32/U with an Arduino board and progam the board with the same commands, controlled  by a PS/2 Controller.