Another kill
Evil vacuum cleaner
Caught after running away
Caught 2
Dead bear
Dead duck
I'm a happy dog
You're boring me
Hey, that's Rex over there
Broken collar, 4th escape
Fourth escape result
giraffe toy.
This is what I think of your hand-me-down bed
I'm sure there's a mink in here
I'll just wait while you take your time dressing for outdoors
Asleep with some toys
Getting some lovin' from Mommy
Those squirrels are going to get it if I can get away from here
Ready to launch as soon as a squirrel hits the ground
I'm back.
more lovin'
First day at home
Getting some lovin' from Daddy
I didn't do it
Ladies cross their legs
Rain or shine, Sunshine got her walk
I'm exhausted
Dog treats.  Real cookies without sugar
Playing with Dad
Quit bugging me!
IV shave for an operation Sunshine had
Safety strap so Sunshine wouldn't pull the handle out of my hand
Mouse hunt
First day apprehension?
She wanted to walk so bad, even a sleigh never held her back
Eating mommy's purse
One of Sunshine's runs
I'm the king of the castle
Squirrel taunting the dog
Squirrel watch
Taking Sunshine home
Tied up at the forest deck
toy destruction
some toys
Watching Daddy outside on the grass
Is that Rin Tin Tin?