The Car before I messed with it
Pit crew testing my tires
Bent rod from exploded engine
Another day at the races
Born to Race (I'm guy in the wagon)
Membership has it's privileges
Broken piston from grenaded engine
Burnout at JB's 5.0 Shootout
Cool dude...regulation race jacket
Engine fire, split fuel hose
one version of the race car
Trick Flow heads being assembled
Inside cockpit, showing instrumentation
In staging lanes, waiting for turn to race
burnout in Edmonton at JB Automotive event
The launch...look at those tires in back
oil pump damage
On trailer ready to roll
big exhaust pipes left side
Pistons and rods just assembled
Pit stop
Shrapnel from grenaded engine
burnout at the tree
Split fuel line, caused engine fire
Thunder Road