Northern Raider Photos
Wheel fell off after 100 mph run in Spokane
Another view of a burnout 10-1/2" slicks
Burnout in the water box
Chassis dyno, did it 3 separate occasions to tune car.
Car with some of the trophies I won
Race dress- slicks, skinnies, exhaust dumps
Hood on chrome rod extensions before clam hood I have now
A Mustang with GM cars!  Invited there by Camarro Club.  Sunridge Mall
Car being delivered by Wrinkles Auto Body
Custom aluminum console
Crowd around car, looking at photos.
hood, front shot
Hood elevated on chrome stands
Near Drumheller, Alberta
Custom aluminum rocker panels with lightning insignia
Stock, 3 days old,  photo taken at Lieut.Governor's Mansion
Trophies from Spokane International Mustang Show: best of class, fastest Mustang and BEST OF SHOW!
World of Wheels award
Rusty engine, only 1 or 2 years old
Custom battery top fits Optima battery, made of solid aluminum
Vortech B-trim 9 psi blower
Piece on left not polished, piece on right is polished. It took 6 hours but it's only "okay", not perfect. More work to do.
Blower inlet
Some engine chrome, just received
Custom coil cover, aluminum.  Hides lots of unsightly wires.
Chopped fender for hinges for split hood.
Another custom plate to hide wires and tubes.
Chrome is a man's best friend, like diamonds to the ladies.
high current conductors
Amps early version without enclosing box
Amps, voltmeter and sub-surrounds light up with blue light
One farad capacitors in trunk
Battery for sound system and 4/0 cable
Fiberglass box for subs
Head unit with everything possible in it, even backup camera
Making the box for the amplifiers
1000 watt sub woofers installed in front of amps
Visonek sub.   All that chrome, why hide it?

Drag Racing
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
I raced the 1987 Mustang for about 5 years moving from the stock 15.7 seconds @ 87mph in the 1/4 mile to 12.3 @ 113 mph on a 3800 foot altitude track. I raced in a number of shoot-outs and did a a number of stints of bracket racing.  My home track was Race City in Calgary, but I raced a lot at Edmonton racetrack, once in Medicine Hat and once in Spokane, WA. 
Show Car
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
I showed the car in a number of Mustang International Meets (USA and Canada), and many Show 'n Shines between drag-racing and when I got my other race car. I have participated in up to 15 car shows in one year.

Engine Bay
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
It was unbelievable how rusty the engine got after only a year or two, considering I never drove the car in winter and rarely when it rained.Regardless, when it was time to detail the engine bay, the engine had to come out.I took the engine out 3 times JUST to detail it or around it.
Sound System
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
It was my significant other who said "the car looks good but the sound is crap" (Don't you love it when your partner says things like that?) and I had Ford's "supreme sound" system! I upgraded to a 500 watt/15 speaker Alpine system which lasted about 5 years, then changed that out a couple years ago to what you see here- 2400 watt stereo system with 2-10" subs in the back and tweets and midrange in the front.
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Northern Raider is the name given to my1987 Mustang Convertible by the editor of a Mustang Magazine that did a feature of the car.  This wasmy show car and former race car. It has been featured in 6 magazines and is the winner of over 50 awards including two at the World of Wheels in 1996 and one in 2007. I retired it from racing when I built the 1982 Mustang.  In summer I drove this car to work as many days as I could. It was NOT a trailer-queen!

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